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Victoria Women's Transition House

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Raise money for Victoria Women's Transition House

Raise Money for Victoria Women’s Transition House 

The Victoria Goddess Run is proud to announce that the 2021 charity of choice is Victoria Women’s Transition House (VWTH), an organization committed to supporting women, of all ages, and their children fleeing intimate partner violence and abuse. Transition House offers emergency shelter, counselling and support programs for women impacted by violence and abuse with specialized programs for older women and for children who witness abuse. Since COVID-19 arrived, VWTH has opened a second, additional shelter location to address increased client need, and has added a digital platform for counselling as well as expanded telephone services. Each year VWTH helps more than 2000 women and hundreds of children and youth through the Transition House shelter and support programs. 

Your support is truly appreciated!


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Team information

Fitness on the Go Girls!

Raised: CA$216.34

St Margaret’s School

Raised: CA$191.42

Healthy Role Models

Raised: CA$121.98

Michelle, Benjamin and Anna

Raised: CA$109.51

IT Tribe

Raised: CA$81.91

NBF Goddesses

Raised: CA$54.31

I Thought This Was a Pub Crawl

Raised: CA$52.60

Dippity Duo

Raised: CA$27.60

Danger Dudettes

Raised: CA$27.60

Audacious Two

Raised: CA$27.60

Lokhorst femmes

Raised: CA$27.60

Wino Wednesday Winners

Raised: CA$27.60

Mary's Gang

Raised: CA$27.60

Mattman and Mom

Raised: CA$27.60


Fundraiser information

Carolyn West

Raised: CA$1,176.93

Samantha Dickie

Raised: CA$267.96

Cheryl Major

Raised: CA$136.22

Susan Elo

Raised: CA$107.72

Michelle McElroy

Raised: CA$54.31

Charlotte Dunwoody

Raised: CA$54.31

Annette Bailey

Raised: CA$54.31

Michelle Couture

Raised: CA$54.31

Christina Holt

Raised: CA$54.31

Janice Hartley

Raised: CA$27.60

Deana Smith

Raised: CA$27.60

Ashley Hunt

Raised: CA$27.60

Julia Beach Bartel

Raised: CA$27.60

Benjamin Lindseth

Raised: CA$27.60

Anna Lindseth

Raised: CA$27.60

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 13 Maurine Karagianis Thank you! CA$107.72
Apr 12 Makenna Rielly You are an inspiration, thank you for your commitment! CA$107.72
Apr 09 Kristy LeDevehat CA$27.60
Apr 09 Marnie Hare CA$54.31
Apr 08 Nicole Tryon CA$27.60
Apr 07 Beth Booth CA$16.92
Apr 07 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 07 Jacquie Mutch CA$27.60
Apr 07 Anonymous CA$54.31
Apr 05 The Juby Family :) We love you Auntie Carolyn! So proud of you! CA$54.31