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Help Cherry raise money

For participating in 50th Anniversary Sickle Cell 5K Race/Walk

My Story…

Hi! We are joining the Georgia Tech BME team to raise/race awareness for Sickle Cell Disease/Research! 

If you would like that donate, that's greatly appreciated! Based on what I read on the the efficacy/effectiveness of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, it is a deeply-rooted and local organization doing great work directly for patients and the patient community. Here is the operation report from a few years ago - 

No pressure whatsoever! Please wish us luck! It's the first time for Lizzy to participate in a race and the last time I participated in a 5K was, um...let's just say a while ago. :-) 

Take care,


Donate to help Cherry raise money for 50th Anniversary Sickle Cell 5K Race/Walk’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

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Aug 10 Jeremy, Kate, and Nolan Lim $54.10