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Raise money for Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind

This is the only camp of its kind in the western United States and provides a once a year opportunity for children, adults, and veterans to experience the wonders of nature and the world that most of us see every day. This 300-acre camp is located in the western hills of Napa Valley, along the 50-mile cycle route and offers hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and a variety of other activities for the blind and visually impaired. The camp provides the opportunity for campers to interact and bond with others, to gain self-esteem and to learn skills and techniques that will help them live a much fuller and rewarding life. The funds we raise will guarantee that people of any means will have the opportunity to experience this magical place every year.


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Team information

Gary's Hero Brigade

Raised: $827.93

Team Enchanted Hills

Raised: $617.48

Team DPR

Raised: $376.15

North Napa Rotary

Raised: $297.14

Eagle Cycling Club

Raised: $218.98

Trilogy at the Vineyards Cyclopaths

Raised: $188.16

Napa County Republican Party

Raised: $107.35

Rotary Club of Napa

Raised: $107.35

Rotary Club of Napa Sunrise

Raised: $107.35

Willis Family

Raised: $107.35


Raised: $54.10

Let'r Buck

Raised: $27.48

MLB 94558

Raised: $27.48

Operation Love From Home

Raised: $27.48

Green Team

Raised: $27.48


Raised: $27.48

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 11 Sandra Becker Undisclosed amount
Apr 11 Jerry McKinley $107.35
Apr 10 Jodi Groff $107.35
Apr 10 Neal Harrington $27.48
Apr 10 Sylvia Andrews $27.48
Apr 09 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 09 Greg Stueland $27.48
Apr 09 Kevin Hangman $107.35
Apr 09 Adam Gouveia $27.48
Apr 09 Anonymous $27.48