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My Story…

Welcome to new SCAD research supporters and those who have been donating and walking with our team for years!! Thank you for coming here to learn more about SCAD research. ❤️ 

Please consider joining my team, donating to fund SCAD research, and/or sharing with your friends and family. 🚶‍♀️ ❤️ 💴 🧪 

SCAD is Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection which is a tear or bulge in an artery within the heart — often causing a heart attack — and often in young, generally healthy people. 💔

I had a SCAD at age 27 that nearly took my life. Since then I’ve gotten married, become a mother, and have pretty much been living life to the fullest as often as I can. I’m coming up on my 8 year “scadiversary.” Does that mean I’m not scared out of my mind that it will happen again? No. But what can I do except help spread awareness about the importance of listening to your body when it tells you something is wrong?!? 

Never. Ignore. Symptoms. Of. A. Heart. Attack.

I helped plan the first annual MN SCADADDLE and am involved still. If you are interested in hosting a vendor booth at our event... let me know!  🛍

Get CPR certified and spread the word. Thank you! 🙏 

Donate to help Denise raise money for Minnesota 5K SCADaddle for Research’s fundraising campaign.