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The Avalanche Canada Foundation

Raise money for The Avalanche Canada Foundation

Why is it important to support Avalanche Canada? 

  • Exploding Backcountry Use
  • Forecasting Challenges
  • Funding Uncertainty

Avalanches are Canada’s deadliest natural hazard, killing more people annually than all other natural hazards combined. Avalanche Canada works to empower winter backcountry users with world-leading educational programs, innovative decision-making tools and accurate, timely avalanche forecasts. 

By participating in The Challenge, you will contribute to the $15,000 goal which will have an impact on AvCan programs. Some important projects include:

Youth Outreach is one of Avalanche Canada’s most important programs. Our goal is to impart avalanche safety education at a young age, and we operate a full suite of programs to do so, including in-school and online sessions, youth Avalanche Skills Training courses, and our popular Toolbox program.

Weather Stations provide important real-time weather information and are essential for our team to produce accurate avalanche forecasts. Unfortunately, many areas of western Canada do not currently have weather stations; our forecasts would benefit by having more strategically located.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe in the backcountry this winter. By supporting the Avalanche Canada Foundation, you're helping to save lives.

Tax receipts will be issued for donations.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Mar 11 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 11 Anonymous CA$54.31
Mar 11 Ron Chapman Undisclosed amount
Mar 08 Olivier Parent CA$54.31
Mar 05 Matt McDonald CA$107.72
Mar 04 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 03 Jordan Heinrichs CA$27.60
Mar 02 Tom Zavesiczky CA$54.31
Mar 02 Michelle Stojanowski CA$25.00
Mar 02 Michelle Stojanowski CA$25.00