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Raise money for The Butterfly Run

Proceeds will be donated to the Belleville General Hospital Maternal Unit and the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network.


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Team information

Team OB

Raised: CA$1,805.10

Farm girl strong

Raised: CA$1,754.79

Katelyn’s Kaleidoscope

Raised: CA$1,663.52

Brazeau Family

Raised: CA$1,283.60

The Elsey Family

Raised: CA$1,275.98

BIHC's Butterflies

Raised: CA$1,156.06

Team Athena

Raised: CA$852.23

Katelynn's Krew

Raised: CA$739.28

Farrell Family

Raised: CA$647.35

Baby Got Track

Raised: CA$644.10

Forever in my heart

Raised: CA$626.86

Running for Love 🦋💜

Raised: CA$594.50

Chatten Family

Raised: CA$558.61

Emmett's Family

Raised: CA$503.96

Team Butterfly Baby B

Raised: CA$392.22

Hearthstone Ridge Housewives

Raised: CA$356.57

The McInnes Family

Raised: CA$335.55

Team Handley

Raised: CA$213.17

Team Russell & Friends

Raised: CA$194.60

Hustlin’ 4 Health

Raised: CA$191.69

Ladybug Run

Raised: CA$178.50

Riley’s Runners

Raised: CA$163.91

🦋Rockstars 🦋

Raised: CA$135.23

Holistic Harmony

Raised: CA$116.56

The Bruck Bunch

Raised: CA$108.31

Fearless Wellness Centre

Raised: CA$108.31


Raised: CA$83.40

The O’Briens

Raised: CA$82.43

Butterfly Kisses

Raised: CA$55.60

precious lambs

Raised: CA$55.60

Lough Babies

Raised: CA$54.63

Pigden Family

Raised: CA$54.63

Baby Reeves

Raised: CA$27.80

Crack Turtles

Raised: CA$27.80

The Pink Ladies

Raised: CA$27.80

Mutton Family

Raised: CA$27.80

The Lakes

Raised: CA$27.80

Trenton Leftovers

Raised: CA$11.70

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 17 Linda Buck CA$27.80
May 17 Stacey Daub With the 3rd wave so active in our community, I missed the registration for the event. What a wonderful gift to the families & community CA$108.31
May 16 GG Johnson, GG McKenna, Grandma and Grampy Crozier, The Williams Family CA$124.41
May 16 Nicole Tessier CA$27.80
May 16 Derrick Wood Undisclosed amount
May 16 The Masters Family In loving memory of Athena Crozier <3 Love: Auntie Kristin, Uncle Jeff, Christopher, Noah & Kiera CA$108.31
May 16 John Dempsey CA$27.80
May 16 Marie Fleming CA$22.43
May 16 Lisa Vezeau-Allen To honour my family, Farrah & Andrew Walmsley CA$54.63
May 16 Judy Worley In memory of my precious great grandson Rook Boucher-Richardson who passed in April 2019 at the tender age of 32 days. Love forever GG CA$54.63