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Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

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The Mission of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance is to promote awareness and early detection of ovarian cancer through advocacy and education while providing support to people affected by ovarian cancer.


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Team information

Team Sue

Raised: $5,351.14


Raised: $3,032.47


Raised: $2,481.80


Raised: $2,108.82

Ova’ Cancer

Raised: $1,745.23

G-Strong TEAL There’s a Cure

Raised: $1,390.70

We Heart Jayme!

Raised: $1,065.85

Team Gigi

Raised: $1,045.25

Kappas Who Kare

Raised: $886.28

Team NanaFlora

Raised: $858.38

Team Grateful

Raised: $791.28

Bonnie’s Brigade

Raised: $790.86

Team Vicki A

Raised: $743.33

Team Kathy Summers

Raised: $589.15

Mossome Moss Adams

Raised: $504.80

Nicki's Circle Team

Raised: $372.05

Ovasaurus Rex

Raised: $348.68

Team Telly

Raised: $271.37

COCO--Community Connectors BNI

Raised: $270.51

Nancy's Never Giving Up

Raised: $214.70

Joycie’s Joggers

Raised: $186.45

Teal Troopers

Raised: $162.31

Teal We Find A Cure

Raised: $161.45

Laureen’s Hope

Raised: $133.20

Team Hansen

Raised: $108.20

Team Kellie

Raised: $107.35

Team Jan, Liz and Nancy

Raised: $107.35

Tiff's Teal Party!!!

Raised: $104.10

Rhoda's Rowdies

Raised: $54.96

Team Teal Turtles

Raised: $54.96

Butterflies for Marla

Raised: $54.10

Team KK

Raised: $27.48

Team Bev

Raised: $27.48

K2 And Crew

Raised: $27.48

Nana's Troop

Raised: $27.48

Silent But Deadly

Raised: $27.48

CC's Buddies

Raised: $27.48

Helen's Team

Raised: $27.48

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 18 Nena Steger $54.96
Apr 18 Barb Hunt This is for my mom♥️♥️ Undisclosed amount
Apr 18 Stephanie Akerley I miss you so much Vicki❤️ Undisclosed amount
Apr 18 Anonymous in honor of Hillary Gilfond Undisclosed amount
Apr 18 Anne Harris & David Samson Honoring beautiful Laura! Supporting my NBF! Xo Undisclosed amount
Apr 18 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 17 Sally Anne and Chuck Rosenberg $267.10
Apr 17 Emily B Wiebe $54.10
Apr 17 Lauren Porto Undisclosed amount
Apr 17 Anonymous We appreciate everything you are doing! $267.10