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Our story…

Our team goal is to walk, bike, swim, jog locally the same distance it would be  from Southampton Ontario to Southampton New York USA which is 1083KM and raise $5000.


Help us raise money for participating in The Gran Fondo Lake Huron

Team members

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Niomi Laferriere

Raised: CA$1,157.24

Nancy Czarny

Raised: CA$1,061.52

Heather Rennick

Raised: CA$386.86

Linda Mellor

Raised: CA$213.17

Matthew Burrows

Raised: CA$94.13

Martino Catalano

Raised: CA$75.60

Team captain

Chloe Rands

Raised: CA$66.33

Jenna Stewart

Raised: CA$66.33

Stacey Catalano

Raised: CA$54.63

Shannon Bullivant

Raised: CA$23.40

Michael Shular

Raised: CA$22.43

Claire Rands

Raised: CA$11.70

Jennifer Calvo

Raised: CA$11.70

Sarah Collison

Raised: CA$11.70

Terri Adlam

Raised: CA$11.70

Trina Mellor

Raised: CA$11.70

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 12 Have Fun Good Luck! CA$108.31
Jun 11 Shannon Rennick CA$108.31
Jun 11 Linda Axman Go Foodland!!! Go Nancy!!! CA$54.63
Jun 11 Jennifer O’Reilly CA$17.07
Jun 10 Katie McCutcheon CA$100.00
Jun 10 Glen Go foodland! CA$54.63
Jun 10 Flo! CA$11.70
Jun 10 Pat & Randy Shular CA$54.63
Jun 09 Roger & Debb CA$54.63
Jun 09 Anonymous CA$269.32