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Epilepsy Association of Calgary

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The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is a local, charitable organization that has served the community for nearly 65 years.  We are the only local organization that addresses the impact of epilepsy.  Approximately 2% of the population has epilepsy – 20,000 Calgarians – enough to fill the Saddledome!  Many others are affected however, such as family, friends, peers, employers, teachers and others.  Anyone, of any age, gender, background, and race can develop epilepsy at any time during their life.  The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is 100% self-funded, through donations, small grants, and fund-raising activities. 

Epilepsy is “hidden” unless or until a seizure occurs.  A seizure can be extremely frightening to witness, and many people don’t know what is happening or how to help.  As a result, the stigma surrounding epilepsy persists.  Even in situations where the person has achieved good seizure control, barriers can be difficult to overcome. For example: peer rejection, social isolation, underemployment, lack of career advancement and job loss.  In some situations, serious injury and even death can occur as a result of seizure related events. 

Together we can make a difference. Whether you’re simply helping to get the word out or you’re able to donate, we can crush the stigma of epilepsy once and for all!

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