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Help Aidan raise money

For participating in 2021 pride & remembrance run

My Story…

It's my tenth Pride Run (I started in 2011) this year! This year's a virtual run, which just means I'll be running 5k sometime during Pride week.

I've been way less active due to the pandemic, but looking forward to getting out running a little more, and to raising some money.

Would love your support in raising some money for some great organizations doing work for queer communities in Toronto! I also know that money's tight for a lot of folks right now AND there are many worthy causes out there, so totally understand if you can't throw any money my way. Moral support is appreciated too!

Here's a little bit on the orgs being supported:

- ACAS: An organization providing HIV/AIDS education and support to East/Southeast Asian communities. They also run some great programming for queer Asians. 

- Rainbow Faith & Freedom: An EGALE program working at the intersections of faith and queerness.

- Sherbourne Health: A health services centre that runs a tonne of great community programming, including Supporting Our Youth, Mature Trans Sisters, and Gender Journeys.

- The Get REAL Movement: An organization combatting queerphobia, transphobia, racism, and bullying in schools and workplaces.

- The Stephen Lewis Foundation: A foundation that partners with local community-based organizations providing care and support to people living with HIV & AIDS in 15 African countries

- The Pride and Remembrance Foundation: Who runs the run? Them. For 25 years!

Donate to help Aidan raise money for 2021 pride & remembrance run’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 12 Lara Congrats on your 10th Pride run, dear Aidan! Lots of love from MTL xo $31.70
Jul 07 Eoghan and Vanesse Always happy to support your run brother! Lots of love, Eoghan and Vanesse $52.83
Jun 28 Lisa Congratulations on your 10th pride run!! $52.83
Jun 27 Craig Ruttan $57.13
Jun 26 Armando $15.85
Jun 23 Liam Happy tenth, guy! $31.70
Jun 20 Jon Yazer $50.00
Jun 19 Augusto Bittet Run Aidan run! $52.83
Jun 18 Natalie Good luck, Aidan. Happy to be your cousin, an ally, and to support this fundraiser! Undisclosed amount
Jun 18 Jordan Campbell xoxoxoxo $31.70