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Help Mike raise money

For participating in 2021 pride & remembrance run

My Story…

Participating in this run is exciting as it brings many passions together.  My passion for running is a part of who I am.  My passion for issues of justice and trying to build a better world is a life-goal.  Mostly, my passion for my friends in sharing this challenge and dream makes participation most worthwhile.

Doing this run virtually does not diminish the impact it can make on the lives of those who will be helped through our donations.  Thank you on behalf of everyone who will be helped and thank you from me for helping me to realize this goal.  GO Rainbow Tutus GO!

Donate to help Mike raise money for 2021 pride & remembrance run’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 19 Lisa Drago abs Evan Sversky Run with all your heart ❤️ Michael. We 💕 you and are so proud of you ! $105.65
Jun 18 Mike Xuereb Go Team Go $52.83
Jun 17 Barbara Campbell Good Luck!!! Have Fun!!! Undisclosed amount
Jun 17 George and Hilda Xuereb God Bless!!! Good Luck $114.10
Jun 15 George Xuereb and Darl Brophy Great job on the fundraising. Enjoy the run and congrats to “Rainbow Tutus”! $52.83
Jun 12 Dan and Julian $52.83
Jun 11 Michael Woodford Have a great run! $105.65
Jun 10 Jean and Sean Run like the wind. Be safe. $52.83
Jun 10 Ginette Faubert and Dan Atkins $52.83
Jun 10 Jack and Cyriel Have a successful run! Undisclosed amount