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I have set my goal to raise the funds that equal the distance of the perimeter of Haiti - $1323.00. Since my first PT Mission trip to Haiti in 2014, God has placed in me a deep love for the people there. They are quite literally our neighbors, not very far at all from the southern border of the US. I cannot go on in my life and ignore the needs of my neighbors. So, distance is a theme for how I feel about Haiti. I am committing to try to move 132.3 miles during June, as my tithe of the distance around Haiti. Won't you join me?


This is my individual fundraising page

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 28 Anonymous I am thankful for the mighty work you are giving back to! Undisclosed amount
Jun 20 Anonymous Bev, your heart for Haiti is infectious, and I'm glad to support you in your goal. $251.13
Jun 05 Anonymous Excited for the ministry that is happening in Haiti. Happy to support in this fun way! $54.10
May 27 Anonymous Cheering you on! $54.10