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Tonembee Association

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Tonembee is a small, Toronto based charity which provides person to person support for developing communities. Whether they are providing a high school or university education to a deserving student, or families in environmentally devastated areas with solar cookers, or needed disaster relief funds to help re-build swept away homes in Eastern Kenya, our dedicated and caring group of sponsors help others live up to the meaning of Tonembee which is: Moving Forward with Vision.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 02 Shaela Gottlieb Nicholas, I hope this will help you reach your goal. I am Niki's cousin, we met when you came to Toronto. Keep well, Keep Safe. $50.00
Nov 01 the naylors You gals rock❣️ $100.00
Nov 01 Tonembee Association Better late than never, huh! $25.00
Nov 01 Paula Way to go Melissa and Hannah! xx $50.00
Nov 01 Goldie and Solly Yay Auntie Hannah!! Undisclosed amount
Oct 31 Hannah Warry-Smith $250.00
Oct 31 J.P. & Lorna Go for it Ladies and show them that we all care... Undisclosed amount
Oct 30 Mim & Jack Pinkus Great that you are doing this Love Bubie & Zaidy $100.00
Oct 30 Lisa & Steve Pinkus This is a great cause and we are so happy to participate $100.00
Oct 30 ALLAN EASTMAN Way to gho, Hannah! Good Luck! $100.00