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Help William raise money

For participating in 2021 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My Story…

This year is extremely important for me to make it my mission to achieve my fundraising goal. Although AIM did not originally plan to open a school until 2025 but neither did we plan to have this pandemic. We have received countless requests from parents in the past 12 months to offer some kind of school services as they are having extremely tough time to cope with the school going between in person and virtual classes, restriction within the classroom and teachers already stretched to the limit in supporting all the children during this pandemic. 

Instead of staying with the original plan to open the school in 2025, even with the limited financial and human resources we have on hand, we decided to jump in with both feet to open an independent school for families so that they have an alternative option from their current school system. This will allow them to get the tailored support that their children need in a low ratio classroom and safe environment. After a few short months of planning and many sleepless nights, we opened the school on Sept 13, 2021. All we need now is to raise $88,000 to pay for the renovation bill. 

As they say, best thing happens when it is not planned. So please help me achieve my mission even if you did not originally plan to : ) 




“The highest result of education is tolerance” – Hellen Keller 


At AIM, we always seek for the highest possible results in empowering our community with equitable access to a meaningful education. When individuals from all walks of life can experience and learn from new perspectives, experiences, ways of life, cultures, and countries, we start to dissolve the invisible barriers that can keep us socially distant.  


Different does not mean less. A community that accepts and tolerates each other’s differences demonstrates compassion and the strength of unity. 


The back-to-school season that we expect every September has always been stressful for many families. Going back to school this September during an ongoing pandemic will be even more stressful, especially for students with autism/autistic individuals, since our education systems will be operating with multiple uncertainties and limited resources. This is why AIM is starting a private elementary school this September, called AIM Without Limits, to empower students and families with a meaningful education option that is delivered with the utmost care and efficacy. 


 The AIM Without Limits program is the foundation we have built for and with our autistic learners/children with Autism. AIM provides programming, support, and services that young autistic children/ children with autism can use to accomplish their individual goals, regardless of their family’s financial situation.  


We want to grow with our children and continue to provide them equal opportunity to learn and reach their potential. This is why AIM Without Limits School for Children with Autism will be opening this September! 


AIM Without Limits School will offer programs for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 with Ontario Certified Teachers, Applied Behaviour Analysts and Therapy Team, Psychologist, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and more. Built into the programming will be Life Skills programs, which include skills like learning to wash and fold laundry, using public transit, and money and banking skills. Vocational Programs, Afterschool Programs which include; yoga, arts/music and homework club, and a Best Buddy system will also offer opportunities to interact with neurotypical peers, in order to develop meaningful friendships in a safe environment. 


This is a huge endeavour for AIMwe know with your help we can achieve our goal of $88,000.00 ensuring our students are receiving the best education possible! 


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 10 Jenny T. $25.00
Nov 09 Gilles LeBlanc $50.00
Nov 09 Louis Mendonca $25.00
Nov 09 Das $50.00
Nov 09 Sharon Menzies Good luck William and pray you reach your goal :) Undisclosed amount
Nov 08 Simon Tam Good luck William !!! Undisclosed amount
Nov 08 Asif Khan Thanks William for inviting me to contribute to this great cause. Undisclosed amount
Nov 08 Anonymous You better be running FAST!!!! Undisclosed amount
Nov 06 Rebecca Crangle $100.00
Nov 05 1998147 Ontario Inc. $600.00