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For participating in 2021 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My Story…

Hi everyone, my name is Trish Peters!

Arthritis kind of hit me like a truck at the age of 11. But it has taught me so much. I spent a lot of my childhood playing sports and when I was diagnosed it was hard for me to comprehend that. So, I played rugby instead. For 6 years, I tolerated aches and pains from arthritis and a very aggressive sport. But this sport is the reason that I have become so resilient with arthritis. Now, that I am in university studying finance, my goal has become to be a role model for kids with and without arthritis. I have done TV shows like @futureprospects which gave me a chance to speak about the benefits and the negatives of social media. With Cassie and Friends I am able to show kids that even with arthritis, we can do anything we want. It shouldn’t stop us from doing anything. I was lucky to be raised in a supportive family where I was taught that I could do anything I wanted to succeed at and now I get to see the effects of that in what I do. 

I founded a podcast called Take a Pain Check with my fellow TAG Leader Natasha Trehan in order to raise awareness for kids with arthritis. We share stories and resources so that families are able to find resources at their fingertips and so they don't feel alone in their search. 

I am raising money so that Cassie and Friends can reach out to even more kids and support them and their parents through this journey. 

Thanks for all your support! 


Cassie + Friends is the only charity in Canada 100% dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families affected by Juvenile Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. Since 2007, we've raised over $2.5 million for JA research, equipment, education and support. By 2023, our goal is to touch the lives of 10,000 or more children and their families per year to help them not just survive but thrive with chronic disease.

Juvenile Arthritis is a painful, chronic disease impacting every 3 in 1,000 or 24,000 children in Canada. That’s just as common as Juvenile Diabetes and twice as common as cystic fibrosis - and yet receives far less attention and funding. We need your help to make sure no child is robbed of their childhood or future because of Juvenile Arthritis (JA) or any rheumatic disease!

100% of your donation will go towards Cassie + Friends support programs and research for juvenile arthritis. This will include our brand new injection support program, youth mentorship, parent support cupboards, expert-led webinars and our research partnerships with pediatric rheumatology clinics across Canada.

Thank you for support Team Cassie + Friends and helping us get one step closer to a pain-free future for kids!

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