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Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre of Hamilton

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Cancer is already isolating. No one should have to go through it alone.  

Thousands of people in our community are still living with cancer right now. Most face serious or life-threatening illness and many are immune-compromised, making the current situation all the more challenging. Our clients are reporting unprecedented levels of anxiety as they must go in to hospitals, the cancer centre and clinical settings for surgeries, tests and treatment. They need us – now, more than ever. 

These are also very challenging times for charities. We need you – now, more than ever, too.

Everything at Wellwood has always been offered at no cost. Through the mandate of social - and physical-distancing, we continue to be resilient and responsive, quickly mobilizing to meet new needs in new ways.  Wellwood has been reimagined through virtual programs, expanded online self-help resources, and a dramatic increase in engagement through peer mentoring. This will all continue – even when it is safe for immune-compromised people to gather again – to better support those who have been unable to come in to our sites. 

Thank you so much for your generous support


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Recent donors
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Oct 23 Jason CA$54.63
Oct 23 Nicole & Jeff CA$50.00
Oct 23 Angelina Heard CA$109.38
Oct 23 Sophia Heard CA$109.38
Oct 23 Krista, Robbie & Ozzy In loving memory of Grammy Pammy. CA$27.80
Oct 23 Graham You can thank turnpenny CA$54.63
Oct 23 A.T. CA$54.63
Oct 23 Tew Family CA$54.63
Oct 23 Ryan Turnpenny CA$108.31
Oct 23 Anonymous Undisclosed amount