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My Story…

My beautiful little girl, Aspen White, came into this world on October 9th, 2010. From all appearances she seemed like a healthy baby girl. However, it was quickly discovered that she was born without a pulmonary artery.  LeBonheur's flight team rushed her to the hospital, and we went into an immediate state of shock, confusion and grief. Five months later, our little heart warrior had a brand new pulmonary artery, and was ready to take on the world! Yes, even at 5 months old:) As for the rest of us...well, Aspen was leading us on a journey that we never expected. It began with grief. At first, all we could see for our little girl was having to battle this heart condition that would slow her down and possibly shorten her life. We could have been more mistaken! Not only is it clear that Aspen has an extremely bright future, but she brightens everyone else's world that knows her. And nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to stop her from doing whatever she sets her mind to do. Yes, Aspen has a heart condition...but because of some incredible doctors, an amazing hospital, and countless prayers, she lives a very active life. Sometimes she reminds me of a beautiful, wild tornado, and when it touches down, it feels like you are the one who has the heart condition and not her! Aspen's heart condition is not a curse. One thing we have learned for sure is that even when bad things happen, blessings can come from it. One of the biggest blessings from Aspen's heart condition is how it has played a part in shaping Aspen's personality and character. She is a superhero. We call her our princess warrior. Shakespeare's words describe her well. "Though she be but little, she is fierce." Aspen is strong and brave. She is not afraid to be different. She can overcome obstacles. She is optimistic, and always manages to find the rainbow. She is happy and loves life. My daughter sings every day of her life. Joy literally overflows from this little girl. She is the most beautiful example of the power of prayer I will ever see. She has taught me more in her short life than I will be able to teach her in a lifetime. One thing I know for sure - this world is a better place because Aspen White is in it. The hospital is full of children who have the same kind of fight and drive that Aspen has. Think of the good that can be accomplished in this world because LeBonheur makes it possible for them to live. So in case you wonder if that dollar counts...I hope you think of Aspen and realize that it does. Thank you for supporting LeBonheur! 

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 15 Mary Elliott $54.10
Oct 14 Joy Laub Way to go Aspen! $27.48
Oct 14 The McMillins Go Aspen! $27.48
Oct 13 Terri Hillis You’re awesome, Aspen!! $27.48
Oct 13 Mark and Mindy Reynolds Love LeBonheur for what they have done for Aspen and the thousands of other children they help to heal! $50.00
Oct 13 Ronnie & Jeanie Crocker So proud of you, Aspen! Keep up the good work! $54.10
Oct 12 Alaina Lentile From one heart buddy to another - Run Aspen, Run!!!! ❤️ $50.00