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ASO (formerly Asperger's Society of Ontario)

Raise money for ASO (formerly Asperger's Society of Ontario)

Thank you for donating to ASO! We are the only non-profit charity organization in Ontario dedicated solely to ASD1 (formerly known as Asperger's).

How do we support our community?
Through a variety of FREE services like our ActionLine: a helpline for anyone in Ontario who has a need, question, or concern related to ASD1. 

Since March 2020, ASO has seen a 64% increase in demand for the free services offered. ActionLine now receives over 2,400 requests for support per year.

Donating to ASO helps us meet this increase in demand and keeps this service open for all who depend on it. Thank you for investing in the health of our community!


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 25 Jonathan Keilhauer $22.43
Nov 14 Anonymous Thanks for bringing attention to such a wonderful cause! $40.00
Nov 14 Roxanne Schwoob Thank you for running for this incredible organization. I have family members who manage their ASD1 every day. This is so important. $269.32
Nov 14 Mike Thibodeau $108.31
Nov 14 Brianna Great work Riley - so proud of you always! Undisclosed amount
Nov 13 Brooke Jones Undisclosed amount
Nov 13 Cool Cats $108.31
Nov 13 Mandeep Bravo!! Bravo!! Your commitment to creating better for others is inspiring Riley! $269.32
Nov 13 Cool Cats $108.31
Nov 13 Max Go Riley! An amazing cause and an amazing person! $27.80