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People to People Aid Organization Canada

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People to People Aid Organization, Canada, Inc. was established in 1999 by a group of individuals of diverse background to contribute to the global fight against HIV/AIDS and its adverse consequences.  

Over the years, thanks to its strong community base, People to People has provided critical support to hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia, including food, shelter, and medical care that helps children survive and succeed in school. People to People also provided educational services reaching hundreds of vulnerable children and also supports cultural events that support the children’s positive spirit. 

Its revised mandate also includes the commitment to play an active role in issues related to mental health and other determinants of health among members of the Ethiopian-Canadian community as well as other African-Canadian communities.  

As an organization largely run by volunteers, People to People has registered significant accomplishments thanks to the scores of volunteers who, every year, sacrificed countless hours of volunteer work to make all its events a success. " 

Together we are making a difference!


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 14 Mauro Sinagoga Undisclosed amount
Nov 11 Anonymous $500.00
Nov 08 Fisseha Good job $220.00
Nov 06 Seid Yimam $54.63
Nov 05 Mulumebet Amde Keep up the Great work❤️ Undisclosed amount
Nov 05 Ethiopia Demelash Go Tef Go! Undisclosed amount
Nov 05 Semeon Tessema Go Tef Go! Undisclosed amount
Nov 05 Samson Ayele Keep up the good work Tef! Undisclosed amount
Nov 05 M. Abebe Go Tef Undisclosed amount
Nov 03 Amele Bravo! Great job! $54.63