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For participating in 2022 TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon

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I’m Stepping it Up for Science because…

Once again, I am enthusiastically participating in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in support of Scientists in School. I hope that I can count on your support! 

As Scientists in School (and the world!) continues to recover from COVID-19, the importance of our mission and vision has never been more important in our 33-year history. Many children have learning gaps from being held hostage by the pandemic, society is polarized and divided, and climate change needs committed actions from each one of us. In fact, children can lead the way in their families, when equipped with knowledge and confidence! 

Transformation is not new in Scientists in School's three decade journey. However, it's pace has been remarkably different. None of us could ever have imagined how our organization would change our entire operating model to ensure our recovery from the massive challenges of the pandemic, which literally brought to a halt our opportunity to engage our typical 700,000 young scientists in 25,000 onsite, investigative workshops with shared materials and equipment. 

I am constantly in awe of the staff and presenter team I lead - one that would be the envy of any large-sized organization. It's a team that shifts the narrative to opportunity. It's a 'little engine that could' kind of team. Together their foresight and efforts created and scaled a new virtual workshop model, uniquely supported by a materials packing centre that has prepared and shipped over 400,000 topic-curated mini science materials bags over the pandemic for young scientists to use during workshops guided virtually by our scientists and STEM experts. The feedback from participating schools has been inspirational! We also leapt at the opportunity to use this virtual investigative model to reach a long-time dream and launched beyond Ontario and Alberta, to serve every province. This second workshop model, removes the travel barrier to sustainably serving schools in northern and rural communities. Over 1,500 of last year's 10,500 workshops were in new provinces, or new northern or rural communities, we previously could not serve.   

Now, fall 2022 is seeing schools and community youth groups begin to open up their doors to onsite workshops, and we are embarking on yet another transformative journey -  running both our former onsite classroom workshop model, concurrently with our investigative virtual workshop model. Our goals for instilling the values of science in our next generation, are lofty and important!

Our need for donations has honestly never been more important. As you can imagine, we still have big mountains to climb to regrow the financial resources and capacity needed to regain our pre-Covid financial resources, and to run both our  on-site and virtual workshop models, to engage young scientists and serve communities coast to coast. We are also striving to grow funds sizably for our Adopt-a-School initiative for schools serving low income communities, to ensure we embed this core tenet of proportional representation as we scale nationally. 

Let's dream big. Working together we will build critical pathways to bright futures for eager young scientists right across Canada. They are tomorrow's innovators, researchers, and thoughtful citizenry. Please help me exceed my fundraising goal of $3,000 by contributing to my fundraising page. 

Warmly, Cindy 


Donate, and help meStep it Up for Science! 

I’m taking part in the 2022 TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon and helping Scientists in School raise $24,000 for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enrichment workshops across Canada.

Your donation will help bring hands-on STEM workshops to children in low income, rural and remote communities from coast to coast, giving them the opportunity to BE a scientist in school today, and BECOME the researchers, engineers and technologists we need for tomorrow. 

Every donation makes a difference for young scientists!

  • $27helps us pack neat goodies into mini science bags, one for each student in the class
  • $52helps us buy the neat stuff for those mini science bags -- from salt to string to soap to stir sticks -- so each student can experiment
  • $300helps us deliver a hands-on interactive workshop for a whole classroom
  • $6,500enables us to Adopt-a-School, delivering hands-on workshops to every class and student in a low-income school
  • $12,000helps us develop a new curriculum-aligned workshop

Consider joining me and registering for the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon to support Scientists in School. Or, follow us and share your support on social media. @sci_in_school, #STEPitUPforSTEM, #STEPitUpforScience, #ChoosetoSupportScientistsinSchool, #ChooseTORun, #TOWaterfront42K

Let’s Step it Up for Science, together! 

We Stepped it Up for Science!

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 08 Janet Martin $54.63
Nov 07 Michael and Cathy R $108.31
Nov 04 Janet Chessell To help keep this fantastic program going. Undisclosed amount
Oct 26 Anonymous Keep up the great work! Undisclosed amount
Oct 20 Diane Davy You go, Cindy, and the whole SIS team! Undisclosed amount
Oct 20 Chris Pryde and John Kalisz We are proud to contribute to such an important and worthwhile endeavour. $269.32
Oct 19 Gwen Revington So excited to hear that SinS continues to adapt to reach as many children as possible. Way to go Cindy and team!! $54.63
Oct 19 Gail Lawlor SiS is such an important program for all ages !! Hands on science is the best way to make sustainable change to meet our future challenges. $54.63
Oct 18 Dale Thorington $54.63
Oct 18 Anthony Redpath $323.00