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For participating in 16th Annual Walk the Fight & Run the Distance for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

Our story…

The 16th Annual Walk the Fight & Run the Distance in person on February 5, 2022 in-person at Tempe Beach Park. 

Domo Arigatou Mr. Roboto Team Japan!, Yasuko Gardiner team.

This team is under Southern Charmers., but I created this because some people donated but I don’t know who. Because team is Southern Chamber it goes there. At least Japanese manner politely I neeed to say “Arigatingozaimaau” individually

please send messages and let me know!
next week walk started, you sti ca join walk with me.. and this is a sub team by me. 

My name is Yasuko, so I think it is better to write in Japanese. So I create own team but together fundraising goal! "Domo" is Japanese Character(Brown monster), and Mr/ Roboto is a good song about Japan. Domo  means "Thank you"in short, "Domo Arigatou" means Thank you very much in Japanese.   

Register $35 4k walk in person 9 am need to register. T shirts can get on Saturday.

Donation : any welcome!

I spoke organizer, registration and donation are two different.  Questions? Please send me DM.

Below story about my journey:

I have diagnosed that young on set Parkinson disease in 2014. It took a long time because No  name no medication for 3 years. I changed several   clinic/specialists in Southern AZ. Last clinical person told me it was A pinched nerve, could not cure and nothing he can help. I was so shocked, but my Yoga teacher told it can manage and do not give up.  My family and friends noticed my right foot dragging. At grocery shop a person saw my difficult walking, she offered help.

  I realized I need to find what is going on.  When I flew to Japan in 2014, I was admitted to a large hospital for 1 month for re-examined me. Tests that diagnose illness are different in the United States. In Japan, we list possible types of illnesses and tested from my back, spine, chest, Xray, CT, Ultra sounds tests etc. Results came negatives, and doctors eliminate illnesses not my symptoms. They told me possible my brain. After Da T Scan & PET Finally at 3 large hospitals with 7 doctors diagnosed me two possibility, Corticobasal degeneration or Parkinson. I started taking a medication since then it works well 

This is progressive disease and cannot cure currently. However as my yoga teacher told it can be manageable. Japanese Dr showed me there are many Parkinson medications available. It is more effective medication and treatment near future. Under Dr Salins’ care at Barrow and follows up Japanese neurology,  my symptoms can do improbable and manageable. 

I am very happy to meet trust worth medical Dr and clinical staffs here in Phoenix AZ.  

 Thus I do not give up and am still looking for cure and more effective medicine. I will join any possible Parkinson research and support group. My spouse was ALS and gone from me 2 years ago. ALS also brain illness, and I hope a finding a cure for all patients.  In Japan, there are a new IPS cell research successful announcement


I also found the great news "Using iPS cells discovered by Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University for the first time in the world, Japanese people will start developing treatments


WE hope to find be cure! Thank you for your donations kindly. 

see you on February 5th.

 4K walk starts at 9am Tempe Beach Park! 



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Jan 26 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 18 Anonymous やすこさん、ガンバレ!陰ながら応援しています(o^^o) Undisclosed amount
Jan 12 Daniel Peterson (ASU balance lab) $105.42
Jan 12 Yasuko Go! $10.54