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Adventure For All

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WHY ADVENTURE FOR ALL WAS FOUNDED: Adventure For All was founded to expand inclusive opportunities for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental exceptionalities (disabilities) through interactive adventure programs. These programs develop the life skills and the confidence to expand their opportunities beyond our programs.

FOR EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE, IT WILL BE MATCHED: We have 2 donors matching up to $1000 a mile. That's a total of $2000 a mile that will be matched! Our goal is to raise $26,000, making our total $52,000. This money will allow us to officially launch our Road To Resilience Program in 2023, where we will train and bring 4-5 more athletes to the Pittsburgh Marathon.


WHAT THE ROAD TO RESILIENCE PROGRAM IS: Growth starts with the first step. This program was developed to give individuals with exceptionalities opportunities to be challenged, because we have proven that working through challenges, obstacles, and fears have a direct correlation to growth, confidence, and independence. One of the very few things left in life that can only be earned, not given, is that feeling of crossing a finish line. Training for a half marathon is no easy task. It takes commitment, resilience, setting goals, and a never give up attitude. Running shows us in the moment that with each step we take, we are closer to our goal and that is something these exceptional athletes learn and earn through this process. It's through these experiences and opportunities that these exceptional athletes are faced with a choice to push forward when things get tough. Our team and our volunteers support them physically, mentally, and emotionally, but at the end of the day the choice is theirs. Giving them that power of choice, gives them independence, self confidence, and so many more traits that prepare them for life beyond our programs! For more information on this program you can click the link. Road To Resilience Program Details

HOW THE ROAD TO RESILIENCE PROGRAM WAS DEVELOPED: This road running program 'Road To Resilience' was inspired by a gravel biking program we developed and piloted last year with one of our adventure athletes, Josh Eckert, called 'Gravel & Giving'. Josh became the first individual with an exceptionality (disability) to finish the Gravel Worlds race. This program brought Josh so much pride and confidence, but more than anything it brought an entire community together, and showed them that these exceptional individuals are capable of anything when given the opportunity to shine. Watches Josh's story and journey from last year at Gravel Worlds.

WE WANT TO GIVE BACK TO YOU; THE DONOR, THE VOLUNTEER, AND THE BELIEVER: We will be producing a video of Jordans journey to his first 1/2 marathon. The purpose of this video is to show the intention behind our organization, our team, and Jordans efforts. We want you to be a part of Adventure For All's family and community everyday moving forward, so we will always do our best to show you the impact your time, energy, and donation made to our exceptional adventure athletes!

Thank you for taking the time to read about this amazing opportunity that the Pittsburgh Marathon is providing. For more information about Adventure For All you can visit our website


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May 01 Anonymous Go Levi Go!! $50.00
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Apr 28 Melissa Long No 🦶 photos please $74.34
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