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Help Rebecca raise money

For participating in 2022 Sporting Life 10K

My Story

Why I’m running and fundraising for Campfire Circle - My best friend had childhood cancer. We were born two days apart and our backyards were connected, so we grew up together.

I only have happy memories of our time as kids, playing dolls, dancing on the deck, ballet classes, but I’m sure that it wasn’t always easy for her.

I wonder how a camp like Campfire Circle would have made her summers happier, more carefree…and that’s why I’m fundraising and running. Thinking of my best friend Jacqueline and how much I think she would have loved camp as a kid and how happy she would be to know that other kids could have the chance to go.

For whatever way you can help, thank you.



Childhood cancer changes lives. So does camp. And so can you.

A diagnosis of childhood cancer changes life in an instant. For kids and families, it can suddenly feel like everything is about cancer. Simple childhood joys like friendships, birthday parties, or sports teams being left behind in the need for medical appointments, hospital stays, and long absences from school. 


Whether it’s in a hospital setting, in the community, online or at overnight camp, CAMPFIRE CIRCLE* fills the void, creating safe spaces for kids to be kids, so families can be families, at no cost to them.


It’s where curiosity and confidence, bravery and acceptance come to play, and healing through happiness is on the agenda, every day, and in every way! Kids and families are never alone, because there’s always room for one more in the circle.


Your support of Sporting Life 10K ensures that CAMPFIRE CIRCLE’S programs continue to reach 1,700 kids and their families every year. Your gift will make life-changing experiences possible.

*Did you know that Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium merged in 2020, and that we have a new name? Announcing … CAMPFIRE CIRCLE! We aren’t changing what we do—we're just changing our name.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 27 TELUS Gift through Benevity $65.00
Jul 27 Rebecca Bailey Gift through Benevity, on behalf of Colby Village neighbours $65.00
May 05 Chrissy Sancton $22.03
May 05 Melita and family $22.03
May 01 The Bailey Family (on behalf of Colby Village H Block) A special bake sale with every dollar raised going to this cause. Special thanks to our neighbours and friends for supporting the bake sale $275.00
Apr 29 Mom and Dad So proud of you. Many loving memories of Jacqueline Undisclosed amount
Apr 15 Anonymous Hearts out to those who take time to care. Undisclosed amount
Apr 15 Anonymous Well done Rebecca. Uncle Arthur and Aunt Janet Undisclosed amount
Apr 15 Mary-Grace Bailey This is four dollars for your run. For people to go to camp. I love you. I’m so proud of you. Love, Mary-Grace $5.00
Apr 15 Paul Bailey So proud of you, Becca! And. Jacqui is absolutely a memory that we’ll all keep close forever. $50.00