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MitoCanada - Energizing lives

Without energy, we cannot survive. It is as simple – and complex – as that.

The human body is fueled by trillions of microscopic powerhouses called mitochondria. Present in almost every cell in our bodies, these tiny but mighty, energy-producing structures generate the energy we need to survive.

When mitochondria are dysfunctional, the impact on the body can be devastating. Those affected can suffer a myriad of symptoms that cause health and quality of life to decline and, for too many, result in death. Mitochondrial disease can affect anyone at any age. There is no cure.  

MitoCanada is dedicated to creating a world where all lives are powered by healthy mitochondria. 

For over ten years, MitoCanada has worked tirelessly to help support and protect Canadians living with or at risk of developing mitochondrial disease. The foundation supports the mito community on their journey empowering them to be informed, inspired, and connected.   



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