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Imagine living through this nightmare....

You develop pain in your gut and start to lose weight.  You feel tired and sluggish, and sometimes struggle to think clearly.  You see your family doctor and over the next few years, you endure a battery of tests  - some of which are very unpleasant.  And these tests reveal nothing; there seems to be no reason why you are so sick. 

Your pain and the symptoms continue to grow until finally, one day, a test shows you have Celiac Disease!  

Far too people struggle with the symptoms of celiac disease for years. It takes, on average, 10-12 years to be diagnosed. There are more than 200 different symptoms that can affect a person. Although some symptoms may be in the gut, the disease can also occur in other parts of the body. Celiac is an auto-immune disease which can lead to long-term, serious health complications when it is not treated.  It can develop at any age.  Some people are diagnosed when they are children, whereas others seem to get it "out of the blue" when they are adults.  

The Canadian Celiac Association British Columbia (CCA BC) supports people who are affected by celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and other gluten-related conditions in BC. Because the disease often runs in families, people who have a first degree relative with celiac disease (i.e., a parent, child, brother or sister) have a 1 in 10 risk of developing celiac.

Your generosity will help provide education and support, as well as fund research done here in Canada that will lead to faster identification of the disease, better treatments, and perhaps one day, a cure.    

Please join us today!  

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