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My Story…

We all search for purpose in our life.  That purpose, for many, is a life long journey. 

For me, that journey to seek purpose started on June 2019. Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, I began a new, challenging and certainly, unwanted journey.  However, I did not endure this journey alone. With the support of family, friends, CCRAN and my medical team, my journey would be fought with passion, action and research.

Colorectal Cancer Research and Action Network (CCRAN), expedited the process by supporting us with actionable steps. Steps to my treatment at Sunnybrook's Odette Cancer Center.  Being admitted to an immunotherapy clinical trial in Dec 2019 proved to be the steps that has now put me on the path to recovery.

Although my early days on this journey was tough and challenging, today I can say I'm feeling great!  And through this journey I found my purpose. To live an even more extraordinary life.  Helping others much like #CCRAN has helped me. This flag 🏴 I wave proudly.   

Please support me on my 5K challenge 👟 and donate to BUMRUN an affiliate partner of CCRAN. Together we can spread awareness of early Colon Cancer screening and help cancer patients through this journey.


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