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Help Gonzalo raise money

For participating in Bumrun Toronto 2022

My Story…

As a member of CCRAN’s medical advisory board I feels compelled to promote much needed awareness of colorectal cancer screening and at the same time, generate funding for CCRAN because not only do I see it but experience first hand how relevant and meaningful the patient programs have been for patients we have in common. Together I know that we will get closer to beating this!

Donate to help Gonzalo raise money for Bumrun Toronto 2022’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Mar 19 Carmel Cotter Keep up the great work! $54.63
Mar 18 Niamh Cotter-Schmid Thank you for all you do and good luck! $108.31
Mar 17 Samantha Capretta $108.31
Mar 17 Adriana Dicintio $54.63
Mar 17 Shawn Aspden $269.32
Mar 17 Jessica Lunardo $27.80
Mar 16 Anonymous Thank you for helping my friend and her family 🥰 Undisclosed amount
Mar 16 Mary Donaldson $108.31
Mar 16 Toszegi Family $27.80
Mar 16 Katherine McMahon Thank you for all you do! $269.32