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Help Sheri raise money

For participating in Bumrun Toronto 2022

My Story…

This BadAss  I am hugging is a bestie, soul sister and mentor. CJs battle with colorectal cancer is in the phase where she is balancing her daily quality of life with the difficulties of fighting to spend more with all of us she loves: to fulfill her desire to keep adventuring; to satisfy her need to keep learning and growing.

Many times CJ has expressed her wish that more people would get tested early and regularly to give themselves the best chance  to live disease free in this beautiful, fascinating and messy world.  

Please help me help CJ raise attention and funds to make her wish come true for as many as possible. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Donate to help Sheri raise money for Bumrun Toronto 2022’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 23 Irina Rada $27.80
Apr 17 Donna $54.63
Apr 15 William Chu This cancer took my very good friend of 30 years. I wished he caught it early and we can still hang together. I hope and pray for CJ. $27.80
Mar 28 Shane Dewling We love you CJ $108.31
Mar 28 Frank & Olga Dewling Praying for you Carol. $108.31
Feb 24 Nicole Rau $27.80
Feb 23 Jennifer Fraser Undisclosed amount
Feb 23 Cathy Hedderwick $27.80