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Help Jannine raise money

For participating in Bumrun Toronto 2022

My Story…

I am doing this to support one of the biggest (while she really is tiny) BadAss' I know! CJ. CJ is one of my dearest friends and someone I honour and respect for too many reasons to list. CJ has been battling colorectal cancer for approximately 5 years now and is in the phase where she is balancing her daily quality of life with the difficulties of fighting not just for herself but to spend more time with those she loves: her family and friends and let's not leave out the love of her life - Jeff. Many times CJ has expressed her wish for more people to become educated and aware of the value in getting tested early and regularly to give themselves the best chance to live disease free. Please help our team raise attention and funds to help get the word out around the importance of not putting testing off. Get your butt out there! It will thank you for it.

Donate to help Jannine raise money for Bumrun Toronto 2022’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 10 Richard Waytowich $27.80
Apr 08 Andrea Muzzi 👍❤ $25.00
Apr 08 Donna Hartrick Good luck! $54.63
Apr 08 Duke Duuger The bums rush $54.63
Feb 27 treffers Kick butt out there! $108.31
Feb 27 Lissette Richards $54.63
Feb 27 James & Cheryl $108.31
Feb 27 MJ $54.63
Feb 27 Lynda $54.63