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Help Amy raise money

For participating in The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

Why this is important to me!

I am running the ASICS Falmouth Road Race in honor of my husband, Chris, a prostate cancer survivor, like his father. Fortunately, Chris was one of the lucky ones. A routine PSA test detected his cancer early, when it was most treatable. He was able to have surgery and required no further treatment. We are so grateful that he has celebrated 6 years cancer free! 

Because of the strong family history of prostate cancer, our three sons know that they will need to be screened early, at age 40. 

As the creative director and web designer for DetecTogether, I witness daily the importance of learning and putting into practice 3 Steps Detect education: know your great, use the 2-week rule, and, when something is off, get it checked out. The funds raised through events like the Falmouth Road Race allow DetecTogether to bring its education to more people, information that could save lives! Thank you for your support.


The worst cancer diagnosis is a late one. That’s why I’m running for DetecTogether. They teach people how to detect cancer early, when it’s most treatable and survivable.

40% of us are going to get cancer. One of the most important factors to surviving is the stage of cancer when it is first diagnosed. Early detection makes all the difference.

DetecTogether teaches a simple, powerful strategy for detecting cancer early. They teach in schools, present to community groups, and to those at high risk, like firefighters, and empower people to get better healthcare overall. 

Their life-saving presentations and information are delivered at no cost, thanks to the kindness and generosity of donors.  

Would you consider supporting me? Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer. 

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 20 Chris & Jayne Mehne Mehne Way to go Amy and team! $55.35
Aug 19 Paula & Jim Buonomo $55.35
Aug 15 Deb Stake Go Amy go!!❤️❤️ $109.85
Aug 10 Mary P $11.75
Aug 08 Heather Gelardi Go Amy!! $28.10
Aug 08 Max Kotsopoulos 🏃‍♀️ $120.60
Aug 07 Mike Kotsopoulos Go mom! $109.85
May 18 Lisa Kalinowski So proud of you Amy! $55.35
May 15 John and Cheryl Best of luck with the race! $55.35
May 15 Sara Port Go Amy! 💙💛🧡 $55.35