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Help Andrew raise money

For participating in The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

My Story…


I will be running in the 50th Annual Falmouth Road Race in August in honor of my beloved sister Emily. I have run this race a few times in honor of her and every time it is special. 

My sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was twelve years old. She struggled everyday with surgeries, hospital stays and medical appointment until she passed away in 2009. My sister is very important to me and I truly believe that everything great in my life is a direct result of our relationship.

I am looking for donations to a wonderful organization called NextStep!! Everyone knows the medical struggles of people with chronic illnesses, but most people don't think about the social hardships that come with chronic illnesses. My sister was struggling with loneliness and depression dealing with her illness until NextStep came in. NextStep provides social support and friendship to young adults who are struggling with all kinds of illnesses by organizing trips, group meetings and offering general support during hospital stays. It allows them to not be a patient for a few hours or weekend and enjoy life with safe and productive activities. 

My sister was "Paht of the Staht" (Part of the Start for non-Bostonians) of Next Step, one of their first members. I remember bringing her to the Black Falcon terminal for her first excursion which was a camping trip to the Boston Harbor Islands. Before she left she was really down and nervous. When she came back from her two days camping, I had my sister back!!! She went on for days about her weekend. I hadn't seen her that excited about anything in years. I also remember visiting her in the hospital a few times to find a NextStep staffer was already there and she was laughing. 

Please consider donating anything that you can to this wonderful group that brings joy to so many who are suffering. 

Thank You!!


Next Step empowers teens and young adults living with with life-threatening diseases to successfully transition from childhood to adulthood and into an adult healthcare system, creating their brightest future. This is done by providing extensive support and teaching essential life skills to help our participants to effectively manage their illness, maintain optimum emotional health, and succeed in their professional career. To accomplish these goals, the Next Step programs address the physical, emotional and developmental issues unique to these young adults through our community, music, and mentorship program and moving our young people closer to, "I believe in me."

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 18 Michael & Katherine Mercandante For "Team Emily Carlson" $100.00
Aug 18 Robert Carlson $250.00
Aug 08 Bryan and Robert Terry $420.00
Aug 03 Amy and Lester Gould $50.00
Aug 03 Ellen and Darrel Donaldson $100.00
Aug 03 Clifford Zimms $100.00
Aug 03 Richard Kayne $50.00
Aug 03 Delores and Steven Meyn $75.00
Aug 03 Jeffrey Sands $250.00
Aug 03 Barbara and John Faulkenham $50.00