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For participating in The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

My Story…

Hi everyone! This year, Chantelle and I are so excited to team up and sponsor Jordan, Levi, and Harlee and hopefully help them along their journey! Please read their story below and consider donating:


Jordan is a program manager and Levi is a student, aspiring to be a physician assistant, so is not currently working. They are both loving, caring and compassionate fathers, husbands, sons, cousins, brothers, and friends. This year will be an expensive and stressful duration of their lives as they would love to embark on a sibling journey for their beautiful daughter, Harlee, who is destined to become an older sister.

Why don’t they just have a child then? it can’t be that difficult, but it is. Starting to look into the process back in winter of 2018, Jordan and Levi were determined to be fathers. Same-sex couples aren’t able to have genetic children without the help of reproductive technologies. Whether it’s a traditional or gestational surrogate, the process is draining and overall financially burdening to families. They were quoted $120k to $200k for a “guaranteed pregnancy” by agencies all across the country.

When researching the process, they were only met with so many questions and road blocks. There’s so many stipulations and guidelines, rightfully so. For anyone who knows Jordan and Levi, that was not the issue, their persistence is one of their greatest attributes. They began contacting agencies, clinics, attorneys, egg banks, all of the necessary parties needed to have a child. Jordan and Levi decided to go the private route first to save money which they had contacted a friend of a friend who wanted to carry for them. That lasted about 9 months, and before starting treatment and the official process, they had to sadly part ways. They’d spent any free moment researching and studying the process to not miss a detail. 

After this time, they decided they still couldn’t afford agency fees, they had always considered adoption. If you know anyone who has gone through the process, it’s also expensive and the process takes months to even get approved on a waitlist. They went to training and had the full support of their family of friends, however after learning some of the details that were involved with the process, Jordan and Levi decided to approach surrogacy again. That lasted yet again, another 6-7 months of time working with another mutual connection. Unfortunately, that also ended without a baby. They found a break when they met their match, Allison. Truly, she is incredible and they were blessed with a successful first transfer and birth of Harlee, but the recent failed transfers have been difficult on them so they are eager to try again, but need all the help they can get!

This time they’re hoping for some support from their family and friends to share, donate, whatever it takes and whatever happens, they are passionate for a sibling journey.

Jordan and Levi’s journey will not be easy but with the help of their support groups and even compassionate strangers, they’re determined for a sibling journey. Any friend or family member can attest to their uncanny love for others, now let’s do the same for them. 



Donate to help Michael raise money for The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 07 Jacob Schmahl Best wishes! $109.85
Aug 27 Anonymous Harlee will be the best big sister ever! Good luck! Undisclosed amount
Aug 19 Vida B Love you guys! Good luck! Undisclosed amount
Aug 19 Gregg & Michelle Lawry Undisclosed amount
Aug 19 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 19 Cryobio Good luck Jordan and Levi on your journey towards growing your beautiful family! We are rooting for you three! All the best! Carly Undisclosed amount
Aug 16 Joel Kirsh $55.35
Aug 09 Barb and Dave Brierley Good luck Michael! $55.35
Aug 09 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 04 Brandie Shorte $55.35