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For participating in The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

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My Story…

This year I am running the 2022 Falmouth Road Race to raise money for the Massachusetts General Hospital Breast Cancer Research fund. 

Unfortunately, almost everyone knows someone who has or is battling cancer. For me, that is my mother. My mom battled and overcame her breast cancer diagnosis with unimaginable strength and perseverance. I am hoping through the kindness of friends and family, I will be able to raise money to further support Dr. Alphonse Taghian’s dedicated research towards breast cancer. 

Please consider donating to help me and my team! All my best & thank you endlessly 💓

Donate to help Olivia raise money for The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 08 Lin Ryan You go girl!! Have another great run!😘 $28.10
Aug 07 Lisa Sheahan Go Livvie!!! $50.00
Aug 07 The Gooding family What a great cause! You go Olivia🥳🥳 $109.85
Aug 02 ReelHouse Go Liv! Best of luck! $382.35
Aug 02 Diandra Go Liv go!!! ❤️ $28.10
Aug 02 Anonymous Best of luck!!❤️ $55.35
Jul 25 Anonymous Love you tons! Good Luck! ❤️ $218.85
Jul 07 Alessandra Colapietro You go girl!!!!!! Killlin it $55.35
Jul 07 Breezy f baby You go gf!!!!!!! $28.10
Jul 07 Colleen Doyle Go Tootsie!!!! $28.10