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Help Nathan raise money

For participating in The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

My Story…

Thank you for visiting my page. I’m an Army Combat Veteran with 18 yrs of active and reserve service combined. Since getting off of active duty I enjoy getting involved with charity’s that help children. Since starting my charitable path in 2018,I’ve raised over $4000 to help fight childhood cancer and now I’m extremely blessed to be able to run for School on Wheels.

When I saw this charity I instantly thought of my oldest son who has to go to a school for children with various learning disabilities. I’m so great full that there are teachers who are care so much for children and the impact that they have when working kids that already have the world on their shoulders. 

This also made me reflect on my time while in Afghanistan and seeing the children who’s homes were lost and didn’t have the ability to get an education. The thought of children in my home state not being afforded the most valuable thing in this world was truly heart breaking.

I look forward to running for School on Wheels MA, and knowing that this small contribution will go a long way for a child(ren) in need. 

Donate to help Nathan raise money for The 2022 ASICS Falmouth Road Race’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 18 Richard Hanks/Karen Hill Great cause. You rock it, Love you Dad and Karen $250.00
Aug 13 Lauren Wilmarth You're the best!! $55.35
Aug 11 Meeker/Watson clan Love you 💖 $17.20
Aug 11 Nadine Frassetto $28.10
Aug 11 Matt and Joanna Awesome cause that we're happy to help support! Way to go Nate! $109.85
Jun 15 Marie $25.00
Jun 10 Collier Family With love $28.10
Jun 02 Rich Hanks You’re a good man. Keep up the good work, bro! $250.00
Jun 02 Kaitlyn $28.10
Jun 02 Nathan Hanks $109.85