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Why We are Going the Distance

When your child is diagnosed with cancer you are dealing with all new stressors and worries. TRF helps families alleviate the stressors and worries around finances so that families can focus on their child and their treatment. TRF has been a lifeline for our family and we are forever grateful for their assistance by welcoming us into their family. The least we can do now is raise funds to help TRF continue its mission to help even more families. While we wait for a cure to cancer to be found, the world is that much better off to have TRF helping children during their cancer battles. πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸŽ—πŸ’›πŸ’œΒ 


Please support us as we Go the Distance to help children with cancer and their families. On April 23rd we will be participating in a stationary bike challenge to raise money for the Tyler Robinson Foundation.  

During the past two years we have all seen how important it is to take care of our most vulnerable. The truth is that the uncertainty that we have faced throughout the pandemic is the reality for families who have a child undergoing cancer treatments. Children on treatment have a compromised immune system so the world of masking, washing, disinfecting and social distancing are part of life for these families. Families have to travel to ensure their child is getting the care they need. There may be months and often years in which parents have not been able to work in order to keep their child safe and to take them to their many appointments and treatments. This is where the Tyler Robinson Foundation steps in.

The Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF) helps strengthen families financially and emotionally as they cope with the tragedy of a pediatric cancer diagnosis by providing grants specifically to offset out-of-pocket expenses.  TRF meets a critical need in communities across the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Each year, 1 in 285 children are diagnosed with cancer. While many pediatric cancer organizations focus on growing awareness and support for families with the physical and emotional toll of a diagnosis, the huge financial hardship cancer treatment places on families is rarely discussed. The foundation has always given far more to Canadian families than we have been able to donate. Be assured that all donations collected will find their way to a family who truly needs it.

This is what some families have said about the support TRF provides: 

"I can’t thank you enough for welcoming us to your family. Our family had fallen to pieces, our daughter fell ill with schizophrenia, I developed chronic seizures and then our son Owen was diagnosed with brain cancer. It seemed like all hope was lost and we were about to loose it all, our son, our family and our home. TRF stepped in and shared with us their love and compassion for life, and welcomed us into their family as one of their own."Munday family; Barrie, Ontario

"We can not say enough amazing things about The Tyler Robinson Foundation. They are like family to us and have been with us through all of our ups and downs. We are truly blessed to have The Tyler Robinson Foundation in our lives" Brissette family; Sarnia Ontario

"The Tyler Robinson Foundation has been a lifeline for our family. We were first introduced to TRF when our daughter Lillian was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 2.5. Those individuals in the Barrie area working on behalf of TRF did so much for our family in terms of emotional and mental support- it made such a difference in the lives of all three of our children. When Lillian relapsed with Leukemia in June of 2020- during a global pandemic- TRF stepped in to support our family even more. Because of them Lillian's sisters were cared for and loved at home while mom and dad spent over 3 month in the hospital with Lillian. TRF is part of our family. They made it possible for this mama to stay home and put Lillian's treatment and cancer fight first in our daily lives without having to worry about how the bills would be paid. They have been there for emotional and mental support- thinking of not only Lillian's cancer care but the welfare of her sisters as well. Bottom line, cancer has changed us and we will never NOT be a cancer family, but we can move on and be thankful for where we were, have been and have yet to go and know that the Tyler Robinson Foundation will always and forever be part of our story." -Pottage Family, Oro Ontario

Thank you in advance for your support. It means so much to us and even more to these families!

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