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My Story…

My friend, Doug suffers from daily chronic migraines 

Doug was diagnosed with intractable migraine without aura and with status migrainosus going on for almost three years now. He has suffered from debilitating daily chronic migraines every day since he was 28 years old. Some days He cannot even get out of bed and it has affected his life.

 He has been to multiple states to see specialists to try and find some relief… unfortunately, that was with little or no success. Over the years, his migraines have lead me to be diagnosed with several other severe diseases due to the effect the migraine has on the brain.

He received a referral to Jefferson Headache Center for treatment and it has made his severe pain now a more mild & tolerable pain. I am so happy he has finally be able to get some help!

Knowing he has the support and that people are willing to listen and care has helped him to push on and tell his story to others so they know they are not alone in this fight. 

So on Saturday, October 1, 2022 We are lacing up our sneakers and participating in the annual Miles for Migraine Walk/Run/Relax event in Philadelphia. PA. 

Please consider support Migraine Crusher with a donation to Jefferson Headache Center.

Thank you so much!