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After fighting for my life to beat a rare cancer in my sinuses and my right eye 16 years ago, I was left with chronic daily migraine. It is believe that the radiation to my face and the scar tissue is the cause of my chronic daily migraine. While I thought my life was going to go back to "normal" after my cancer and I would return to a job that I loved, I was unable to work due to my migraine. After finding a wonderful headache specialist who helped decrease the level of my migraine and decrease my depression from this huge change in my life, yet again, I found this fabulous organization that brought me a new life. Please help me raise money for this disease that no one can see and most people do not believe or understand. We NEED to find a CURE for it. We are making headway, but not fast enough. Too many of us live in constant pain and we deserve the same level of support, research that all other diseases get. If we need to do it on our own, we WILL. But we need help. Please help me again this year. I just ask yearly for some help. $5.00 from each of you will add up! It is all I ask. I thank each of you, in advance, for helping me and migraine disease make some headway in our funding at our Philadelphia Event this year! Bless you!

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Apr 26 Becky $107.35
Apr 19 Katie Moran $54.10