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For participating in DBA Diamond Dash

My Story…

Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) is an extremely rare, bone marrow failure disorder for which there is no cure. My sweet niece Monroe was diagnosed with DBA at 6 weeks old and receives blood transfusions every 3-4 weeks  to survive as she doesn’t produce red blood cells. Over the past 2 years she has also had many other tests, spent terrifying weeks in the hospital, and endured months of daily IV medication to manage the side effects of regular blood transfusions.

Monroe is the most feisty, strong and happy little 2 year old I know. She doesn't realize how tough her life has been and how tough it will continue to be. She is an inspiration and I am praying and hoping she is cured one day so she doesn't have to endure so much.

It is estimated that there are only 2-3 new cases diagnosed in Canada every year. Due to the rarity of the disorder very little funding is provided by the government for research. The only money raised for research is through the few families who are personally dealing with DBA.

My sister is newly on the Diamond Blackfan Anemia board and is fighting for her little girl to raise money for research that is so desperately needed.  The Sledz Family will be running the 1st annual DBA Dash on August 28th - please consider a donation to this cause. If you would like to sign up and race with us - please do so! 

With so much gratitude, 


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Recent donors

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Aug 29 JJ $25.00
Aug 26 Deb MacPherson $150.00
Jul 07 Angelique de Pennart $50.00
Jul 05 Hasan Family $250.00
Jun 26 Rachid & Lisa $570.00
Jun 23 Lina and Murray Suey $250.00
Jun 23 Jodi and Greg Wilson $100.00
Jun 20 Marie Jersak $100.00
Jun 16 Lucy Iacovelli Undisclosed amount
Jun 15 Jason Pisesky $100.00