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My Story…

62b38bec2fc99.jpgMy amazing Son Dylan was diagnosed officially diagnosed with DBA in January of 2020.  He was 26yrs old.  

But we knew since he was 2yrs old that there was something going on they just couldn't define it.  

At 2 he went into bone marrow failure, Bone Marrow tests didn't show anything definitive  so he had to take steroids to help him make red blood cells.  He bounced back quick, started producing red blood cells and he thankfully had a fairly normal childhood.  Though we had to get frequent blood tests and watch things he was one of the lucky ones who had very mild symptoms.  That is until late 2019...

He again went into failure and this time needed transfusions, frequently every two weeks, he started steroids again and they didn't do what they did when he was little - we were so scared, then after a couple months he started bouncing back - he was doing great - no transfusions, no steroids.  We got on the bone marrow transfer list and found a donor - 10 out of 10 match!  we were soooo blessed and so grateful as we know sometimes it hard to find that - we didn't have anyone in the family so it was terrifying.

But in late 2020 he started complaining of arm pains and his arm swelled and swelled, after many test and back and forth they finally did a CT scan in December 2020, they found a 14 cm Mass on the left side of his chest - he had a very aggressive Lymphoma a very rare one - called Peripheral TCell - which according to the Drs he is the only one registered with DBA to have it - of course Dylan was always unique.  So not only did he have DBA - one of the rarest of the rare - he now had this horrible Lymphoma.  He fought so hard, he kept his positivity and spirits up - sadly we lost him 5 months later May 11,2021.  My heart is shattered.

I am dashing for him, I am dashing for all the young ones who have to go through this, I am dashing for the parents who have to worry at every test and exam, holding their breath for the results.  I am also dashing for DBA- since we confirmed that Dylan had DBA through the genetics testing of the RPL 11 Gene - we were also able to test myself and found out I also have it. 

We need awareness we need research, it is so rare but also so varied in symptoms. Thank you in advance for your support It means so much to me and all of us affected by this.

You can learn more about Dylan and the Legacy we are building in his name at 

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