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People Against Littering (P.A.L.)

Raise money for People Against Littering (P.A.L.)

People Against Littering (P.A.L.) is a non profit organization of kind, caring and unselfish volunteers. We are dedicated and passionate about taking the lead in cleaning up Brampton and working with our City, community and business leaders, and politicians at all levels to solve our littering problem.

Our Mission: People Against Littering (P.A.L.) is a movement with a “Brampton litter-free 2023 Miracle” mission. Our goal is to inspire, energize and mobilize thousands of our citizens to say enough is enough, eradicate litter from their neighbourhoods and make Brampton litter-free and one of the cleanest most beautiful cities in the world.

Our Vision: A pristine litter-free world.

Important Note: Cash donors to People Against Littering (P.A.L.) will not be issued with Tax Receipts.