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Blue Ridge Humane Society

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of life for animals in Henderson County and our neighboring communities through adoption, outreach, and education.

Our Vision

We envision a community that embraces the protection, compassionate care, and highest quality of life for animals.

Our Work

At our Adoption Center, we assess behavior and treat conditions as necessary with all animals under our care. Prior to adoption, each animal is provided with all the appropriate vaccinations, a microchip, dewormed, and are spayed or neutered. In addition, each pet goes home with a 30-day free health insurance plan. We are committed to finding lifelong homes for every pet. Screening and counseling of potential families contribute to our successful adoptions.  

The Blue Ridge Humane Society works closely with Henderson County Animal Services, the only open-admission facility in our County. As an “open admission” facility, Henderson County Animal Services is responsible for all admissions including strays, owner surrenders, and confiscated animals. Since the County Shelter is unable to refuse intakes due to lack of kennel space and the overwhelming homeless pet population, they are forced to euthanize for space. To try to alleviate space concerns, we receive the majority of our animals from Henderson County Animal Services as well as from other open admission animal shelters in surrounding counties.  

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