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Help Karis raise money

For participating in 2023 TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My Story…







跟好多香港人一樣,無想到自己會去其他國家住。感謝天主的帶領,令我每一步都很順利。2022年初,一來到多倫多,竟然認識到「生命恩泉」一啲骨幹嘅成員,感覺很amazing !憑著熱情和魄力,由青年做到中年,將天主教福音透過媒體傳播到世界不同的華人社區,意義深遠! 難怪感動咁多義工多年為它默默付出。


請支持「生命恩泉」擁有一個穩定的地方! 真係少少無拘。

附註:請注意,每筆捐款將額外有8%的信用卡和服務費用。此費用是可選的!您可以在捐款頁面的「充值捐款」(Top up your donation)標題下取消,取消藍色勾選標記便可。

This is my first time participating in a fundraising project, and I can't help but feel awkward about asking people for money!

At first, when I heard that Fountain of Love and Life needed to raise so much money in such a short time to acquire a property, I thought it was an impossible task. But seeing the enthusiasm and dedication of those around me in working towards this cause has made me reflect on my own relationship with "Fountain of Love and Life."

Around the time of my baptism in 2017, I became aware of the "Fountain of Love and Life" platform, and I often listened to their online spiritual retreats. It accompanied me during many of my commutes to work. As someone who is shy about discussing faith with others, this platform has helped me to reflect on my daily life from a spiritual perspective. It became a primary source of spiritual nourishment, especially during the COVID-19 period.

Like many Hong Kong people, I never thought I would move to another country. Thanks to God's guidance, every step of my journey has been smooth. In early 2022, upon arriving in Toronto, I unexpectedly met some core members of "Fountain of Love and Life." It felt amazing! With their passion and determination, they have been spreading the Catholic Gospel through media to various Chinese communities worldwide, from youth to middle age, and this has a profound meaning. It's no wonder that so many volunteers have been silently dedicating their time and effort to support it over the years.

Please support "Fountain of Love and Life" in acquiring a stable place! It truly means a lot.

*PS: Please note that each donation will incur an 8% additional credit card and service fee cost. This cost is optional!  You could decline by removing the blue check mark under the heading "Top up your donation" in the donation page.




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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 31 Olivia Undisclosed amount
Sep 15 Inez Tung $30.00
Sep 13 Amy and Dean Undisclosed amount
Sep 12 Mariea Wong Thanks for letting me know about this fund raising event. Add oil Karis. God bless $500.00
Sep 11 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 11 Selina Lam 加油! Undisclosed amount
Sep 11 Anonymous $85.01
Sep 11 Betty Lee support $108.31
Sep 11 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 10 Anonymous All for the glory of God! Go Karis go!! $50.00