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La comunidad, Inc.

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La Comunidad, Inc is a non-profit organization founded to provide a better future to the Latino-American community in the city of Everett and surrounding areas.

We envision the Latino-American immigrant population as becoming a community of self-sufficient individuals able to declare themselves and make a difference in the neighborhoods and localities where they live. Focusing on service to immigrants residing in the city of Everett and surrounding towns, La Comunidad Inc. encourages its constituency to share a sense of destiny, to be part of the movement of all immigrants to improve their status and create a pathway to a better future for themselves and their families. This vision includes progress in the areas of public service, economic opportunity, leadership, and participation in civic life.

Let us work together to raise money for the 2023 Hispanic & Latino 5K fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 15 Manuel Diego Soza $11.50
Sep 10 Regina Pérez Undisclosed amount
Sep 09 Alvaro Guerra Undisclosed amount
Sep 08 Anonymous Undisclosed amount