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This year, partner with the community of Southern rural communities of Ethiopia to bring them clean water for life. 

This means, in fall 2022, girls and women will no longer have to spend several hours/day walking for water and being exposed to sexual assault; girls can now go to school and women can start businesses; there will be no water borne diseases; children can have time to play and farmers can water their crops. It will mean a healthier and more productive community. 

$35 brings one person clean water for life. At Run for Water 100% of your donation hits the ground. 

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Mar 20 Emily Bestebroer $38.29
Mar 12 Griffin Wilson $38.29
Mar 07 Caroline Reid $38.29
Mar 04 Linda Schilling $38.29
Mar 03 Mark Ladbrook $6.24
Mar 02 Gideon Brandsma $1,000.00
Mar 01 Joel McAllister $25.00
Mar 01 Josh Conneely $6.24
Mar 01 Mikayla Kragt $27.60
Feb 28 Callie Pimm $27.60