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Raise money for SES

The Regional Qld SES is the most important and instrumental part of our event, as well as saving so many lives in and around Qld. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication to community at large, most of them volunteers putting themselves at risk. This event annually donates to SES.

We’d like you as competitors to show your thanks and appreciation by adding a small donation to your entry fee when registering online. At close of the event, all the donations will be forwarded to SES. Remember, it might be your life, your home that they could be saving.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 09 Rocky Jennings $5.28
Sep 09 Aria Crawford $5.28
Sep 09 Carolyn Maber Undisclosed amount
Sep 09 Alison Scoles Sorry I couldn't be with you today. I wish all volunteers and runners a wonderful time and a successful event. Thanks WRC and SES $26.38
Sep 09 Anonymous $5.28
Sep 09 Maya Murphy $10.55
Sep 09 Anonymous $5.00
Sep 09 Priscilla Baker $5.28
Sep 09 Priscilla Baker $5.28
Sep 09 Anonymous Thank you! Undisclosed amount