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For participating in 2023 Robert I. Damie Race For Our Kids

My Story…

Hi there!! I'm Aiden.  I've been doing this walk since I was 6 months old.  Ok, so I wasn't walking it, I was relaxing in a stroller, but I have been the team captain since then! Even more impressive is that I've been a patient of Dr. Standard since before I was BORN!  That's right.  My 1st appointment with him I was still in Mom's belly!  Told you it was impressive ;).  

For those of you that don't know, I was born with a condition called Ectrodactyly.  For me, that means I have 2 toes on both feet.  Picture TMNT, only less green, HA!  It doesn't change how my feet work though.  I can still walk & run.  But, I bet & can pinch better than you!!

I have a big brother, Dylan.  He's on my team too!  He's a teen now but I still like him :)  I think he still likes me, most the time.  

This will be my first year walking without my Pop-Pop so I'm a little sad :(.  He's been there with me every year, even during the covid year when we walked on our own IN THE RAIN!!! But, I know he's watching over me & I know he'll be there with me for the walk, just like always, even if I can't see him.

Let's see, I love everything about owls & dinosaurs. I enjoy nature (but hate bugs!). It upsets me when I see liter & people not caring about the environment & our world :(. 

This year, I hope we can make our team big & I hope I can reach my fundraising goals! 

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 04 Deanna and Mike Fire Dragons are #1 team! $31.80
Sep 29 Anonymous I know this is a tough year without Pop Pop. Love you all very much ❤️ $53.00
Sep 22 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 04 Joseph Benham $106.00