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United Way of Whiteside County

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United Way of Whiteside County is a local social impact organization on a mission to make our community stronger. We envision a collaborative community where all can succeed and thrive. That’s LIVING UNITED.

MISSION STATEMENT – Providing dynamic leadership in uniting people and resources to create lasting change that improves lives and strengthens our communities. 

VISION STATEMENT - The United Way of Whiteside County is committed to improving lives and strengthening our communities by: 

  • establishing a framework for bringing together a broad network of community partners to regularly identify and prioritize community issues.
  • convening and influencing people and organizations to take action on identified high priority issues;
  • connecting people to available services and programs they need to improve their lives;
  • measuring the results of programs and initiatives we support to assure resources are used efficiently and effectively;
  • maximizing all available resources to achieve our goals; and
  • serving as a link and a resource to our agencies.


United Way of Whiteside County is a locally-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that was established in 1945 when the Sterling Chamber of Commerce community leaders came together to explore the benefits of a community wide fundraising campaign to be called the Community Chest.

Seven decades later, United Way of Whiteside County continues to build stronger communities through its annual community wide campaign as well as developing partnerships and initiatives which support local and human service programs.

In 1953, the name changed to Sterling-Rock Falls Community Chest when the Rock Falls Civic Fund joined.

In 2003, the name was changed to United Way of Whiteside County when Morrison joined the county effort.

In 2001, the “Let’s Feed Our Children” FREE summer lunch program was started.

In 2003, the “LIFE” Literacy Is Fun for Everyone FREE book program was started.

In 2004, the Pharmacy Assistance program was initiated. Adults county-wide are eligible once every 90 days for assistance.

In 2013, the 2-1-1 easy to remember FREE phone number that links people 24/7 365 days to resources that will help them get started was begun.

In 2018, the United Way Born Learning® Academy, which teaches parents through workshops how to be their child’s first teacher, kicked off in Fulton.