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2014 Simon's Cycles YANA Ride

Although this years ride is now finished you can still make pledges to your favourite participant until the end of August. Thank you all who rode, volunteered and support the event.

The Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride is a fun, challenging and unique bicycle ride through the beautiful Comox Valley. Whatever your ability we have a ride you’ll enjoy, routes include a 25km, 50km or 100km ride. There will also be a 5km family loop that allows riders of all ages to cycle together regardless of ability. For little ones not yet using pedals we will be hosting a special run bike race.

Whatever you choose, we hope you’ll bring your family and friends and come out to have some fun.

All proceeds from this event will benefit You Are Not Alone (YANA).


  • BBQ lunch sponsored by Salish Sea Foods and Tria Culinary
  • Draw prizes
  • 5 fueling stations
  • Congratulatory medal for all participants
  • Discounts at Simon’s for all participants
  • Support vehicle on all routes


About YANA

You Are Not Alone (YANA) was founded in 1986 and the mandate is simple; when a child aged 0-19 or an expecting mother living within School District 71 needs to leave the Comox Valley to receive medical treatment that is unavailable locally YANA is available to help. YANA offers assistance with accommodations and provides funding to help cover expenses while families are away from home.

When Sandra Williams’ four-year-old daughter, Roberta, was diagnosed with congenital heart failure the family's life was turned upside down. Sandra stayed in Vancouver for months at a time while her husband stayed behind working, managing the house and three siblings and also travelling back and forth to Vancouver whenever possible. The costs were astronomical and debilitating, placing enormous pressure on the whole Williams family.

After meeting many people in the same position from across the province, Sandra and the Williams family realized that something had to be done to alleviate the financial burden for families dealing with a childhood medical crisis. They committed to finding a solution for the Comox Valley. It was crucial for the child to be cared for and heal with their family at their side. Since YANA's humble inception in the William's home in 1986 YANA has assisted over 1000 families.

Please join us in this ride for Comox Valley’s families.


Registration fees

100 km Loop Closed

Join Simon's Cycles for a 100 km Sunday bike ride through the Comox Valley while fundraising for YANA. Riders should be capable of completing route in 6 hours.

  1. $50.00
    Mar 1 - Aug 15

50 km Loop Closed

Join Simon's Cycles for a 50 km Sunday bike ride through the Comox Valley while fundraising for YANA. Riders should be capable of completing route in 4 hours.

  1. $50.00
    Mar 1 - Aug 15

Family Ride Closed

Bring the whole family out to support YANA in this 5km loop. The $10 fee is per family member.

  1. $10.00
    Mar 1 - Aug 15

Run Bike Race Closed

For little ones not yet using pedals

  1. Free
    Mar 1 - Aug 15

25 km Loop Closed

Join Simon's Cycles for a 25 km Sunday bike ride through the Comox Valley while fundraising for YANA. Riders should be capable of completing route in 2 hours.

  1. $50.00
    Mar 1 - Aug 15

Student Discount Price Closed

Join Simon's Cycles for a Sunday bike ride through the Comox Valley while fundraising for YANA. The student rate applies to post-secondary students and school-aged children interested in the 25, 50 or 100km routes

  1. $20.00
    Mar 1 - Aug 15


As with all great events, The Simon's Cycles YANA Ride is made spectacular by the participants and volunteers. It's a fun filled family event, if you are not able to ride, we would love you to join us as a volunteer.

To do so, simply contact YANA 250-871-0343 or email  Our volunteer co-ordinator will be in contact with you soon.



Please note that all routes are awaiting approval and subject to change.

There are 4 routes to choose from, the maps below can be viewed in 2 ways; either as the images you see below or via the links which will take you to MapMyRide. Please note, you will need to create an account with MapMyRide in order to view the maps.

100km MapMyRide link

50km MapMyRide link

25km MapMyRide link

Family Loop MapMyRide link




Discounts at Simon's Cycles

All participants are eligible to a one time only discount at Simon's Cycles. The earlier you register the bigger the discount. 

Register before June 14:

Receive a 25% discount on regularly marked bicycle product, this includes parts, accessories and clothing*

Register between June 15 - 30:

Receive a 20% discount on regularly marked bicycle product, this includes parts, accessories and clothing*

Register between July 1 - 31:

Receive a 15% discount on regularly marked bicycle product, this includes parts, accessories and clothing*

Register on or after 1 August:

Receive a 10% discount on on regularly marked bicycle product, this includes parts, accessories and clothing*

*Simon's Cycles reserves the right to authorize applicable product.

Event Schedule

100km Ride:

Check-in 8:00 – 8:30 am, Ride Briefing 8:40 am, Ride Starts 9:00 am

50km Ride:

Check-in 9:00 – 9:30 am, Ride Briefing 9:40 am, Ride Starts 10:00 am

25km Ride:

Check-in 10:00 – 10:30 am, Ride Briefing 10:40 am, Ride Starts 11:00 am

Family Ride:

Check-in 10:30 – 11:00 am, Ride Briefing 11:20 am, Ride Starts 11:30 am


starts - 12:00 pm

Run Bike Race

Check-in 1:30 – 2:00 pm, Decorate your ride number: 1:30 -2:00 pm, Ride Briefing 1:45 pm, Ride Starts 2:00 pm

Draw Prizes

2:30 pm

Pre-event Training Rides

We have arranged training rides and would love it if all those registered for ride day would come out and join in. The rides are intended to be a fun outing to help you prepare for August 17th. There will be 2 rides each day, a 50km ride starting at 9:00am and a 25km ride starting at 9:30am. These rides are limited to 30 cyclists and participation is on a first come basis. Join us at the shop on the following dates.

June 21st

July 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th

Aug 9th,

For more information call Simon’s Cycles: 250-339-6683

Ride Kits

Ride kits may be collected on Sunday, August 17 from 8:00 am until 1:45 pm at the sign in table. We suggest you collect yours during your check-in period, see Event Schedule above for timing.

Ride kits include:

  • Map of the ride
  • Your cyclist number

Support for Cyclists

Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride has fueling stations throughout the ride. Expect to find fruit, water, energy bars and electrolyte drinks as well as basic first aid.

Fueling stations for the 100km ride include;

  1. Kin Beach Park
  2. Merville Road Store
  3. Natures Way Farm – enjoy some organic blueberries fresh from the farm
  4. Cumberland Village Square – enjoy a world famous Cumberland Village Bakery donut & juice courtesy of The Wandering Moose

Fueling stations for the 50km ride include;

  1. Kin Beach Park
  2. Merville Road Store

Fueling stations for the 25km ride include;

  1. Kin Beach Park
Fueling stations for the 5km Family ride include;
  1. Corttonwood Lane - a chocolate treat courtesy of Hot Chocolates

On your return to Marina Park you find food and entertainment. Salish Seafoods and Tria Culinary will host a BBQ for all cyclists and volunteers.

There will be a support vehicle driving the route, should you need assistance.

Your bib number will feature a telephone number in case you need support at anytime.


All cyclists will receive a congratulatory medal on their return to Marina Park.

Run bike participants will receive a ribbon.

Lots of Prizes

All participants will be entered in a draw to win prizes donated by Simon's Cycles and their suppliers. There are dozens of prizes including a grand prize draw to win a $500 Simon's Cycles gift certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I raise pledges instead of paying the registration fee?

Answer: Yes, but it's tricky. You will need to pay the registration fee with a personal credit card. If you decide to use the first $50 of your fundraising to cover this cost, you can do so, however, you will have to raise those funds personally and these donors will not be eligible for a tax receipt.

Question: What if someone hands me some money, can I still secure them a tax receipt?

Answer: Yes, but it will take a bit of work. You would need to make a pledge on their behalf via this registration site using your credit card and providing their personal details.

YANA Ride History

2008 - 2011 - YANA Century

What started out as a challenge to road riding enthusiasts in 2008 shaped into something much more powerful and beneficial. Originally, the goal of The Century Ride was to complete a 100 mile (or 160km) road ride throughout the Comox Valley. Then ride coordinator Les Black of Black's Cycle decided that perhaps those who ride for their own health and wellness might be able to support those who are preoccupied with the critical health of someone they love. This extra challenge was woven into the century ride.  Can you ride 100 miles?  Can you challenge yourself?  There were no trophies awaiting at the finish line, nor were there points for competitors or prizes for age categories. But there were cycling enthusiasts seeking a challenging ride both to keep fit and to meet other riders who enjoy similar feats.

We are all grateful for the years of cycling, fundraising and organizing the Black's Cycle family have contributed.

2012 - no ride 

2013 - Simon's Cycles YANA Ride

In 2013 Simon’s Cycles joined YANA to bring back a cycling fundraiser to support Comox Valley families. The focus was fun and fitness for the whole family.

The Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride took place on Sunday August 17, 2013 at Comox Marina Park. 271 cyclists and dozens of volunteers brought the event to life and helped raise over $28,000. All of the funds raised went directly to Comox Valley families in need, thanks to the support from our gracious sponsors.

There were cyclists of all ages and abilities. Some riders challenged themselves to a 100km, 50km, or 25km routes, riders experienced Comox Valley’s beauty, including beaches, forests, farms, rural and urban roads. With the opportunity to taste some local treats along the way.

Alex Dunae, 2013 YANA Ride Participant recalls, “I signed up for the YANA 50km ride on a whim and immediately regretted committing myself so publicly to the longest ride of my life.  But with friends and family committing cash, riding was the only option.   And so I rode.  49kms later I climbed Comox Hill and was grinning as I cruised to the finish.  I’ll definitely be back for 2014.”

Other cyclists challenged their whole family with a 5km family loop. A run bike race provided a way for the youngest of YANA’s supporters to get involved which added a wonderful enthusiasm to the day.

2014 - Simon's Cycles YANA Ride

The Simon’s Cycles YANA Ride returns on Sunday, 17 August. The focus is a fun, family day of cycling, to raise funds for YANA and Comox Valley families in need.

There will be a route for cyclists of all ages and abilities including 25km, 50km or 100km rides. We’ll also be hosting a 5km family loop and a special run bike race for those not yet comfortable with pedals.

Thanks to our Supporters

Thanks to our partners at Simon's Cycles


Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support of YANA and for making this event possible.









Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support of YANA and for making this event possible.

Rules and Guidelines

1) This is not a race, but rather a self-paced ride.
2) Helmets are mandatory. An ASTM, ANSI or SNELL approved helmet is required. Cyclists must wear a certified cycling helmet with the chinstrap buckled at all times while riding on the course.
3) Carry I.D. It is recommended that all participants carry personal ID and health card in case of emergency.
4) Obey all traffic laws. All cyclists are personally responsible for obeying all traffic laws; this includes traffic lights and stop signs.
5) Emergency vehicles always have the right of way. If a rider encounters an emergency vehicle, the rider is to give way to the emergency vehicle by pulling over, stopping and dismounting.
6) Ride safely. Unless passing another rider, please ride on the right side of the lane as far as possible. Before passing another rider, announce yourself by the words “passing on the left” and ensure there is no vehicular traffic approaching from either direction. If you choose to stop while on the route, signal to the riders behind and pull over safely. Ride with your head up and in single file whenever possible. Never overlap your wheels with another cyclist. Please be aware there may be obstacles on the course. You are responsible for your own safety.
7) Maintain control and speed of your bike, even going downhill. Know your limits.
8) Ride within the designated route.
9) Display your event number. All registered cyclists must wear their event number according to instructions.
10) Acceptable bicycles. Hand cycles, wheelchairs, chariots, trail-a bikes, training wheel bikes, run bikes and tandems will be allowed. Please be aware that due to issues of size it may not be possible to transport these bicycles should assistance be required.
11) Use of ipods, MP3 players, headphones, or cell phones is not recommended while riding.
12) Event cancellation. The race directors and local law enforcement have the authority to modify or cancel the event in the event of unsafe conditions. The race directors reserve the right to modify, postpone, shorten or re-route the event at any time either on their own judgment or if instructed by local law enforcement personnel. Entry fees are not refundable.
13) Rain or shine. This event will proceed in the event of rain so please come prepared.
14) Event cut-off time. Any participant on the course after 4:30pm will be offered transport to the finishing area. Those who do not accept transport will be unsupported for the remainder of the ride.
15) Riders 18 years or younger. All riders 18 years or younger must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian and submitted at the time of package pick-up.
16) No littering or public urination.
17) Be respectful of other riders and help others when needed.
18) Please obey traffic management personnel, volunteers and course marshals.
19) Thank the volunteers. Without volunteers this event would not be possible. We value our dedicated volunteers and want to ensure that they have a great time. Abuse of any volunteer will not be tolerated. Please thank them for helping make your day a successful one.

Contact Information

Event Location

Marina Park, Comox, BC, Canada

Click here to view map