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Hope Cancer Help Centre

Raise money for Hope Cancer Help Centre

HOPE Cancer Help Centre serves people suffering from all different types of cancer, meeting needs not met by other organizations. Unlike other groups, we can respond quickly and flexibly, providing limited uninsured health services to cancer patients who cannot otherwise afford them.

HOPE was founded in 1989 by three cancer survivors. They felt it was important to have a Saskatoon group to support patients with cancer, regardless of what kind of cancer it was. Twenty-five years later, HOPE continues to offer peer-led support groups, one-on-one support, financial assistance, local cancer advocacy, as well as workshops and presentations.

Last year, your donations meant HOPE bought prescriptions not covered by Sask Health, including medications to relieve radiation burns and nausea. They meant ostomy supplies, for patients who've lost part of their colon, and who cannot otherwise leave their homes. They meant a rented wheelchair lift, allowing a palliative patient to remain home with her family. The quality of life of hundreds of cancer patients has improved thanks to the generosity of HOPE's supporters.

Our grassroots organization does not receive a penny of government funding. You won't see pink-branded items on sale at our Race for Recovery. Every dollar this non-profit raises stays in Saskatoon and area. As a registered charity, we rely heavily on volunteers, service clubs, the private sector, and people like you to make a difference.  

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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jun 01 Jean Epp-Gauthier $40.00
Jun 01 Anonymous $100.00
May 31 Dylan Erikson $20.00
May 31 Rolfe Antonowitsch $100.00
May 31 Ryan McCullough $20.00
May 31 Frank Dunn $50.00
May 31 Leslie J Dunn $20.00
May 31 Michael Fulton $10.00
May 31 Michael Fulton $10.00
May 31 Anonymous $50.00