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Name Location Sub-event
Abigail Wallace Truro, CA One Mile Kids Run
Addison Harker Dartmouth, CA One Mile Kids Run
Aidan Hahn PIctou, CA 5k Youth 0-17
Alec MacDonald Tatamagouche, CA 5k Youth 0-17
Alexander Smith Tatamagouche, CA One Mile Kids Run
Allison Palmer Hammonds Plains, CA One Mile Kids Run
Allyson Harker Dartmouth, CA 5k
Alycia Putnam Halifax, CA 5k
Amanda Rees Tatamagouche, CA 5k
Andre Leger Lwr Coverdale, CA 10k
Andrea Haughan Lyons brook, CA 10k
Andrea McConnell Bible HIll 10k Youth 0-17
Andrew Lockyer Dartmouth, CA 5k
Angela Kelly Summerside, CA 5k
Annika Roderick Saint john, CA 5k Youth 0-17
Antoinette MacDonald Tatamagouche, CA 5k
Ashley Boran Timberlea, CA One Mile Kids Run
Barbara McDonald MILFORD, CA 5k
Barbie Cook Tatamagouche, CA 10k
Becky McDonald MILFORD, CA 5k
Bella Doherty Tatamagouche, CA One Mile Kids Run
Beth Langille Tatamagouche, CA 5k
Bill Thompson Tatamagouche, CA 5k
Bonnie Allen Wallace, CA 5k
Breanna Bolduc Boutiliers Point, CA 10k

Event Location

30 Blair Avenue, Tatamagouche, NS, Canada

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